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The North American Youth Technology Education Association (NAYTEA) was established during the recent global technology revolution, stemming out of Silicon Valley, California. Advances in technology are changing the social and business landscapes at an exponential rate and the educational community must recognize these needs in order to teach new technological skills to future generations. 



NAYTEA was created to facilitate educational technology through innovation.


NAYTEA’s principals 


Identifying the most advanced and effective approaches in STEAM Education


Enhance the measurement of STEAM education standard and the quality


Providing ongoing current technological training to qualified teachers worldwide.





Sharon Feng                      Founder & Director

Fred Stawitz                       Regional Strategy Adviser

Ling Lam                            Program Director

Flint Christensen             Project Director

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Instructor & Robotics Coach

STEAM Education fosters a love of learning and curiosity in children from a young age. With STEAM Education, students will be able to learn all the necessary 21st-century skills and be able to visualize the relevance and importance of their learning. It also provides an opportunity for students to take ownership and create an impact on society. In contrast, traditional education only allow students to receive information from the teachers, they do not have a chance to practice or apply them in a real-life situation. As a result, traditional education fails students in the workforce because they do not have the necessary skills.

I see the future of STEAM Education will create a more collaborative, innovative and joyful learning experience for both the teachers and students. I think NAYTEA will play an important role in this education movement as it amplifies the importance of STEAM across the world by creating a platform for educators to share their knowledge and experience. As John Dewey stated, “If we teach today's students as we taught yesterday's, we rob them of tomorrow."

Flint C.

Instructor of Talents Program at


STEAM education has a direct and immediate impact in preparing students of today for careers of tomorrow.  It is the inherent interdisciplinary approach that fuels this ability to better prepare students with real life complexity that has been largely missing from traditional education.  Historically academic subjects were treated as silos with little correlation to one another and consequently little application to an unsolved problem.  Students educational experiences have too frequently focused on digesting algorithms of previously discovered solutions.  STEAM merges the subjects in the context of projects which allow students to wrestle with the full scope of a real world problem.  

This multifaceted approach is so powerful that there is little reason to constrain it to any particular subjects encased in the acronym.  Social Studies and Language courses for example could easily participate in these cross-curricular projects adding an additional lens on the problem and consequently additional substance to the student derived solution.

NAYTEA is poised to speak into the future momentum of STEAM education with its wealth of combined experience in Career Technical Education and Design Thinking, as well as its breadth of STEAM curriculum expertise.

Todd D.

Superintendent in Illinois, USA  

School District

STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) instruction is an approach to teaching which aims to
encourage students to think critically and creatively, with an emphasis on inquiry and problem-solving.
Among others, benefits of STEAM instruction include encouraging resilience, collaboration, adaptability,
risk-taking and technology use. These skills are becoming increasingly necessary in an ever evolving
world and provide students with the competency to succeed in the modern economy.

NAYTEA aims to
unite the most accomplished educators utilizing STEM/STEAM integration with project-based learning
and other best practices in an effort to equip K-12 education with the resources needed to effectively
prepare students for the 21 st century.


San Francisco, CA, USA 94158

Shenzhen, CHINA