Certified Educator

ICE Certification

ICE (Chinese Institute of Electronics) Certification for educators is a rigorous professional certification aimed at teacher and coaches who are willing to transfer into STEAM field and ready to step up to the challenge of taking their professional practice around the use of education technology to the next level.

STEAM Certification

This unique certification is based on the 21 Century Skill Standards for Educators and is designed to support practitioners in moving systems from pedagogy to practice/implement. It does this by preparing participants to rethink and redesign learning activities with technology so as to engage students in real-world authentic and active learning.


This ICE Certification for Educators training/professional development program focuses content and learning activities on all 3 levels of educator standards, with a special emphasis on the instructional indicators within the standards.

NAYTEA plans to host monthly training sessions in different cities throughout China and Asia. We expect to train 6000 educators in STEAM specialties and elevate the technological skills of many more educators around the world.


Training Course (two - three days face to face)

You will complete a two-three day face-to-face training course conducted by NAYTEY TOP Global Educators; an ICE Certified Authorized Provider. Our professional development facilitators have been trained by ICE and 21 Century Skill Standards to deliver this training to the highest STEAM standard. NAYTEA is currently the authorised ICE partner in China.

1. STEAM Theory

  • How to implement NGSS in the classroom

  • Forward Curriculum Planning with Backward Design  

  • Increasing Inquiry with the 5E Method 

  • SEP: Training the Next Generation of Scientists and Engineers 

  •  Game with Quest-based Learning 

  • Gauging Student Competency Through Performance-based Assessment 

2. Design Thinking


4. STEAM Implementation

5. STEAM Curriculum Development


Online Course ( 2 weeks)

You will undertake a five to two week online course involving approximately 15 hours of study time with the focus on project optimization, submission, review, and evaluation, presentation. 


Curation and Submission of portfolio

Assemble portfolio of artifacts that meet the criteria required by ICE and submit for evaluation to the ICE certification review panel. Curricular unit using technology and other making tools to Redefine learning

Become an STEAM Professional Development Trainers/ Expertise!

Be a part of the elite group of trainers who have earned credentials distinguishing them from the crowd. Be recognized as a leader to other educators around the world.  >


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Benefits of becoming an STEAM Certified Educator
  • Meet & collaborate with outstanding STEAM educators over the world
  • Become part of the Global STEAM Certified Educator community
  • Join STEAM Certified Educator meetups at the NAYTEA Global STEAM Conferences
  • Enhance your professional status and employability