2019 International STEAM MASTER Curriculum Developer Competition opens for submissions on September1

Launch Ceremonies at UC Berkeley and Stanford University recently kicked off the 2019 International STEAM Curriculum Developer Competition whichpromises to herald the participation of some of the best and brightest in STEAM education. This competition, hosted by NAYTEA in conjunction with the international event STEAM/EX, targets identifying and rewarding the most creative and effective STEAM teachers in America while inspiring all educators to become involved in developing a generation of tech-savvy students.

Sharon Xueqing Feng, founder of NAYTEA, announced that the competition is open to any teacher with active school affiliations and a background in STEAM education. Submissions will be accepted on September 1 and last until October. A panel of highly skilled judges will select a group of finalists who will be recognized in US ceremonies on November 10th and participate in a Global Awards Banquet to be held in the middle of December, Shanghai, China.  

Guests spoke of the importance of education in today's society and their role in promoting student success. Shanti Balaraman, President & CEO of Children's Innovation Center, helps "Rekindle students' curiosity, shows kids how to make observations, conduct research, and apply their acquired knowledge and skills, so they can confidently take on real-life problems and create sustainable solutions. And according to Sharon Marzouk, Founder of Techy Kids, "Education is about discovery and maintaining kids' curiosity!"

"Education should provide all students in society the opportunity to engage fully in the marketplace," states Flint Christensen, facilitator at code.org and instructor at UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education. "Student activities should be collaborative explorations, while teachers serve "as a guide on the side instead of the sage on the stage." Yang Olivia Zhao, AI Product Manager at Google advises that, "AI is changing the education Industry. It simplifies administrative task, creates smart content and enables personalized learning. Most importantly, AI levels the playground for all kids from around the world. AI empowered education is the future of education."

K-12 STEAM Education "Empowers and challenges teachers to create a meaningful and fun curriculum that crosses the five disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics)," states Ling Lam, Educational Technology Specialist and Robotics Head Coach and Instructor at Monticello Academy. "As the world is rapidly changing and growing, STEAM is indeed the best education to foster 21st-century skills for our future citizens."

Another distinguished guest attending the Launch Ceremonies included Phil Gibson, Founder of DMA, Principal Owner, Polaris Strategies and Advisory Board Member, STEM.org.

Advances in Digital Age technology are changing the social and business landscape at an exponential pace and the education community must keep up. NAYTEA is well positioned to play a key role in identifying the most advanced and effective approaches to STEAM Education, driving an upgrade of educational standards and expediting the preparation of qualified teachers.

The mission of NAYTEA is to identify top innovators in the education community and empower the use of education and new technologies to create a global community of educators who bridge cultural differences and regional divides.

For more information about the 2019 International STEAM Curriculum Developer Competition, submission process, timeline, rules and awards, visit the website of NAYTEA: WWW.NAYTEA.ORG.

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