2019 STEAM Curriculum Developers Competition“Honorable Mention”

NAYTEA recently announced the winners of the 2019 STEAM Curriculum Developers Competition it co-hosted in Shanghai, China, earlier this month. 

Sometimes just announcing the winners of the competition misses the great work of those who did not win who may have demonstrated excellence in their own special way.

In that spirit, it is with pleasure that the staff of NAYTEA would like to give special recognition to one of the competitors—Shengheng Rafael Gao. His complete body of work exemplifies the intent of this competition. Mr. Gao has demonstrated throughout his career a full-immersion approach to STEAM curriculum both as an undergraduate and graduate student in France and now as an instructor at the Vanke Meisha Acadamy (VMA) in Shenzhen, China. 

Before joining VMA, Mr. Gao spent several years in France as a young engineering student in robotics and artificial intelligence, honing the skills and developing a mindset of a young engineer. He held research positions and worked with prominent mentors. As an instructor at VMA, Mr. Gao has steadily served as a positive influence for his students, other teachers, and the school, and even parents in terms of the demonstrating the benefits of quality STEAM curriculum. 

NAYTEA recently visited the Shenzhen Vanke Meisha Academy to find that Mr. Gao’s curriculum implemented the most updated technologies and technical skills. His courses allow students to design and create real-world products. NAYTEA judge Ms. Ling Lam hopes to see that Mr. Gao’s future curriculum would integrate more art elements and challenge his students further in the area of innovative thinking. Nevertheless, Ms. Lam applauds Mr. Gao’s passion in STEAM Education and hopes to see more of his work in the future. It is with pleasure that NAYTEA recognizes the complete body of work compiled by Mr. Gao in the use of STEAM curriculum and encourages other educators around the world to follow his example of positive leadership in this area.

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