Announcing the At-Home Activity STEAM Edu Sharefest!

Submit educational projects for PreK-12 student to do at home; we will share them with the world!

We are in this fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic together. Given the challenge of engaging and motivating students while the threat of spreading COVID-19 keeps them at home, NAYTEA is collecting and sharing a wide range of at-home educational activities for PreK-12 students on a variety of subjects. Although the focus is on STEAM projects with design-thinking components, any multidisciplinary activities that provide educational value to students and that can be performed at home are welcomed.

NAYTEA will gather these projects through online submissions and share them on its website and through other media. The TOP 30 to 50 activities will be released in book form with credit given to the teacher or parent who submitted the idea.

Teachers and parents across the globe are encouraged to submit a brief description of an activity that has proven to be of benefit to PreK-12 students and is easy to implement at home without specialized equipment or instruction. These are activities that any student can do at home. Some may require the supervision of a parent. Multiple submissions from the same individual are accepted.

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