Challenge of the teacher’s role and the changing future

A speech on the future of STEAM Education took center stage at Shanghai JiaoTong Univerity recently. The topic: “The Challenge of the teacher's role and the changing future in light of this critical world situation"

Thanks to all the educators who participated in this valuable online event and engaged in the discussion of the following important topics:

• Sharing best educational experiences regardless of national boundaries, policy, or social criticism.

• Augmenting traditional instruction with AI teachers for guiding, sharing, discussing, and scoring.

• Maintaining a personal connection with students without in-person instruction.

• Facing future challenges through use of STEAM education as a model of innovation.

The challenge of COVID-19 has highlighted the need for innovative thinking in how we deliver education. The realization that learning is not limited to the traditional classroom is inspiring the education community to look at education as a lifelong 24/7 pursuit. And, discussions such as this one serve to advance the role of educators in creating the learning processes and structures of the future.

As the founder of NAYTEA, I am proud of the valuable service NAYTEA provides to the education community by serving as a global platform for sharing the best ideas and innovative thinking about shaping the future of learning. I invite educators around the world to participate in our STEAMMASTER 2020 Global Competition where we will be soliciting, sharing, and rewarding the most advanced STEAM education projects on the planet. In conjunction with STEAMMASTER 2020, we will also be collecting the best ideas for “At-Home Educational Activities” that students and parents can utilize outside the classroom to foster continued learning. For more information on both efforts.

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