“Connecting the World, Creating the Future,” GSIC was held Successfully in Shanghai World Expo

The GSIC Global STEAM Education Innovation Summit “Connecting the World, Creating the Future,” hosted by UNESCO and NAYTEA in Shanghai's landmark World Expo Park on the 19th of December, 2020, proved very successful. Academic experts from some of China’s top institutions came together to explore the full potential of STEAM education, merge theory with practice, interpret the essence of a quality education from a global perspective, and share their views of what the future of education holds for society. This event continues the mission of NAYTEA to build a professional global platform that fosters innovation in STEAM education. In spite of the hardships and challenges 2020 has presented to educators and others around the world, this event connected more than 22,000 online participants in 10 different countries.

Huang Yufeng, President of Qingpu Wupuhui Experimental School affiliated by Fudan University

Mr. Yufeng gave a wonderful presentation about the importance of education and discussed the essential elements of education with other guest speakers. He pointed out that the phrases “education is about the future” and “education changes the future” emphasize the importance of students' learning ability, practical ability, personal social ability, and moral character, as they sum up the essence of education.

Professor Wang Jihua, Director of the original Institute of Education Linguization and an expert of culture and education strategy, Peking University

Professor Wang Jihua put forward his unique insights with the idea that while the STEAM summit proposed "educational innovation" the intention is not to innovate a new educational structure, nor to rebuild a system of values but to elevate the capacity for resolving social issues through effective education. The five-in-one pattern of STEAM is not only a criterion for seeking truth but also a criterion for guiding contemporary students in dealing with realistic challenges.

Mr. Guo Qingsheng, Deputy Director of SDG Training Program for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

At the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit on September 25, 2015, the 193 member states officially adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In order to achieve these SDGs, UN aims to train people regarding this global vision with an equal emphasis on capacities, qualities, and skills. Mr. Qingsheng emphasized his commitment to promoting the best STEAM projects that popularize science in terms of meeting the SDGs and increasing efforts to train more Chinese students in accordance with this international vision

Ms. Shi Lan, President of YCITY Global Innovation Institute

In these times full of changes, STEAM education fosters children's curiosity and imagination helping drive their motivation for learning. Ms. Lan explained that STEAM education also embraces the concept of globalization as the STEAM teacher education industry grows.

Ms. Lin Zihan, former General Director of CCTV's City China Program and Founder of Shanghai Hanfeng Culture

With the advent of the 5G era, short video, live broadcast, and other forms of communication have occupied social media and become the most popular forms of communication. Under this backdrop, how do we break with tradition in the field of education? Ms. Zihan emphasized the importance of developing online education. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the education industry needs a new approach. Through the GSIC Global STEAM Education Summit, we hope to identify industry experts and their expertise through a combination of online and offline events.

Sharon Feng, Founder of NAYTEA

In the past year, NAYTEA has broadcast more than 80 live events in the form of speeches and workshops featuring STEAM education experts from North America, Europe and Asia. Among these events, EduX Talk, hosted by Ms. Feng, has offered listeners the opportunity for extended discussions with some of the top STEAM education professionals. Some of the topics covered include innovative education in the 21st century, innovative curriculum design and evaluation, learning environment design, technology driving educational change, and teacher career development.

The GSIC Global STEAM Education Innovation Summit was presented in conjunction with the World Education Innovators Workshop (WEIW) and annual STEAM competition hosted by NAYTEA. 15 top innovative educators submitted STEAM projects to the WEIW this year. Presentations by the competitors and online speeches will be shared publicly in the near future.

WEIW Speakers included:

  • Eric Lam, Specialist of inquiry base learn, Singapore

Speech Theme:<How to get kids to love STEAM and become problem solvers.>

  • Todd Dugan, superintendent of Illinois school district, USA

Speech Theme:<Fostering Innovation: A Model for Lifelong Learning>

  • Aaron Smith, author, and a professional speaker with expertise in STEM, and workplace readiness assists community leader’s bridge academia to businesses.

Speech Theme:<Full STEAM Ahead!Helping Teachers Solve World Issues>

  • Michael Torrence, Ph.D. Michael, President at Motlow State Community College

Speech Theme:<Teaching Innovation Learning & Training (T.i.l.t.): The Unesco Steam Project>

  • Paola Mattioli, STEAM Educator from Roma Italy.

Speech Theme:<Makerspaces to foster STEAM and reading>

  • Gordon Hamby, Educator/Trainer: Implicit Bias Mgmt., Speaker, Author

Speech Theme:<Holistic Development of a STEAM Empowered Big Picture You >

  • Melvin D. Smith, Upper School Digital Learning Specialist & Computer Science Teacher at Garrison Forest School

Speech Theme:<Your Mind Matters! Getting to Know Your Physical, Chemical, Emotional, VERY Active Brain!>

  • Luis Cubillo, Professor at UNED, expert in cyber-physical systems, HTTP protocols, online education and content management systems

Speech Theme:<ONLINE laboratories for STEM Education and TVET>

Other guest speakers for the GSIC Global STEAM Education Innovation Summit included:

· Mr. Hua Zheng, Honorary Dean of Family Culture Research Institute of Shanghai Pujiang Academy

· Mr. Yi Fajiu, Professor and Executive Leader of "Home-School Co-Education" Research Group of East China Normal University

· Mr. Zhang Mingliang, Chairman of Shenzhen Broad Group

· Mr. Chen Jianwei, Guangdong Yuchu Education and Cultural Development Co.

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