Educators Gather for STEAM Teacher Training in Shenzhen, China

More than 200 STEAM teachers gathered in Shenzhen at a Baoan School District auditorium recently for a 3-day training session hosted by Education Ministry of Shenzhen. The training focused on providing public school teachers a solid background for utilizing STEAM curriculum in their classes. Topics included STEAM education, project-based learning, and design thinking.

In 2020, NAYTEA has been invited to continuely develop and integrate the international STEAM standard: 21 Century Skill with the existing training curriculum to influence and improve 10,000+ Chinese STEAM teachers.

NAYTEA also announced plans to host a global competition in 2020 to recognize the most innovative STEAM educators throughout the world. This competition, which is planned to be an annual event, will culminate with an awards ceremony and multiple training sessions in cities throughout China intended to certify STEAM teachers.

Outstanding STEAM educators, experts, and coaches around the world are invited to participate in this exciting initiative designed to recognize top educators, share innovative curriculum, and advance interest in STEAM education. For more information, contact 

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