NAYTEA STEAM TOPCLASS for Teachers: Learning designs and case studies in the age of AI-driven educat

Authorized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (MIIT) with official certification and delivered by NAYTEA, teachers in China recently attended a TOPCLASS training session entitled “International Pedagogics” led by STEAM education expert, Mr. Eric Lam.

In this masterclass, attended by teachers from all sectors of education in China, including Pre-schools, Primary, Secondary schools, Universities and Private Companies, Mr. Lam shared how we could use STEAM as a platform for nurturing students to develop the ability to ask questions, identify and frame a problem, test solutions, and get buy-in from others through effective argumentation. In that training, he shared that these abilities can be nurtured through a well-thought through combination of Inquiry-based habits with Science and Engineering Practices.

To achieve this outcome, educators will need a well-structured curriculum and instructional plan that addresses the inherent needs of the learner, provides opportunities for thorough exploration of the related concepts, guide the learner to accurately and clearly explain ideas, and to apply what they have learned in new situations, before assessing if they have met the educational outcomes that the learning experience is designed for.

Driving this is the underlying instructional model of the BSCS 5Es instructional model developed by Rodger Bybee and his team of educators, which Mr. Lam shared in detail, complete with case studies and exemplars of instructional material that teachers can use to promote different levels of inquiry and the different science-engineering practices during learning within STEAM-based domains.

When we put them together, we can begin to see a pattern of how the science-engineering practices may work with each stage of the 5Es instructional model, within the context of STEAM learning, where students learn to use:

- Science to discover and explain how the natural world works,

- Engineering to identify, define and solve problems,

- Technology to take such solutions to society for adoption,

- the Arts, to add the necessary design considerations into such solutions for effective adoption, and

- Mathematics as the key tool to describe and analyses relationships between different factors within the system of relevance.

NAYTEA leads a global initiative in the international education community to advance the delivery of quality education to everyone. By organizing camps, special events including competitions and conferences, and delivering TOPCLASS courses to teachers and students around the globe, we are rapidly building bridges between educators in many different countries while sharing the best strategies for integrating STEAM curriculum into all types of classrooms. Our goal is simply to make the world a better place by providing everyone the opportunity to receive a quality education.

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