Promoting STEAM Education Through Layered Curriculum

Presented by :Gioya DeSouza-FennellyInstructor: STEM Curriculum and Methods Columbia University Graduate Teachers College Introduction: STEAM is a new way to learn, a better way to teach, and an exciting way to make cross-curricular connections through collaboration and discovery.

An engineering degree is very valuable, but the sense of empathy that comes from music, arts, literature, and psychology provides a big advantage in designA psychologist is more likely to know how to motivate people and to understand what users want than is an engineer who has worked only in the technology trenches. How can Layered Curriculum empower our students especially English Language Learners.develop creative confidence and a sense of self. The Layered Curriculum Approach to learning was developed by Dr. Kathie Nunley. Since students differ in their abilities, intelligence, and learning styles, she developed a strategy for different

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