STEAM MASTER Scoring Criteria:

Scoring Criteria:

Student Engagement & Fun factor

Promotes positive attitudes toward STEM and learning

Increases self-efficacy

Fosters harmonious classroom culture

Instructional Design

Leverages pedagogical best practices

Allow for differentiation at the class and student levels

Accessible to students with learning differences and special needs

Learning Goals

Supports social emotional learning

Incorporates 21st century skills

Aligns with discipline specific standards within the local context

Ease of Implementation

Articulates what another teacher needs to know to implement the lesson

Minimizes barriers to implementation, both logistical and financial

Describes solutions for foreseeable classroom problems

Creativity & Innovation

Avoids replicating previous common ideas

Connects content with personal interests of teachers and students

Empowers students to express themselves and drive social impact

Cross Curricular Connections

Integrates learning objectives from multiple disciplines

Highlights ways in which disciplines interconnect in the real world

Offers multiple frameworks for engaging complex challenges

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