Teachers and Students from China-Singapore Connect History,and Innovation during “World Class"

During a special class on Chinese culture, teachers and students from China and Singapore traveled back to the 18th century to see the charm of the gilded-brass elephant revolving clock with flower decoration. This famed cultural relic is part of the Exhibition of Foreign Artefacts from The Palace Museum Collection curated by The Palace Museum based in Beijing, China. The intriguing artistry of this hundred-year-old clock aroused student interest in creating their own handmade timepieces.

At the beginning of the live steam, Ms. Liu Xiaojuan from Chiway-Repton School Xiamen and Ms. Chen Huiling from Singapore NorthShore Elementary School gave lectures, respectively, welcomed this opportunity for cultural learning and international teacher-student exchanges. They reinforced the importance of keeping an open mind to actively embrace international communication and cooperation in education, and cultivate cultural understanding and cooperation to establish the concept of 21st century world citizenship from an early age.

During the live stream, students were encouraged to form collaborative teams and use their imaginations to create their own clocks inspired by the cultural relics in the museum collection. In just 20 minutes, some children replaced the elephant with their favorite animal images and built colorful robot clocks while others used colored clay to create hour and minute hands of varying lengths.

One of the students, Huang Ziyun, said that she created a rabbit clock because she likes the gentleness and cuteness of rabbits, and hopes that all children in the world can be treated with gentleness.

Principal Li Yanping of NorthShore Elementary School in Singapore said, “The "World Class" allows us to understand the stories behind cultural collections and learn Chinese heritage. We hope that Singapore children can develop their understanding of cross-cultural communication and thinking from an early age. This will help them in the future.”

Ms. Sharon Feng, Director of "World Class" founded by NAYTEA, commented, "We have always been committed to removing boundaries and promoting innovative approaches to education. Today we brought Chinese cultural courses to Singapore and cultivated children's understanding of different cultures. The benefit of this international cooperation is to make the world a better place. We are planning future “World Class” events to link more teachers and students from countries along the Belt and Road Initiative and expose their minds and imaginations to intriguing elements of Chinese culture.

Ms. Feng invited educators from around the globe to participate in the next “World Class” and help create the best educational experience in the world. Participating educators have the unique opportunity through this program to design innovative new curriculum in concert with their counterparts in other countries. She also offered a special thanks to Mr. Eric Lam and his team for their support for this project and to Lianhe Zaobao, the largest Singaporean Chinese-language newspaper, and China Weekly, a comprehensive weekly news magazine published in China, for their coverage of this event. For more information about “World Class,” contact Ms. Sharon Feng at sf@naytea.org.

(Portions of this post were translated from an article published in the China Weekly and Consumer Daily Network on March 30, 2021.)

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