$ 500

Global Awards Banquet Invitation 

Certificate for Global Second Place Winner

Oppotunity to publish in STEAM book



 $ 5000

split between recipient and school

$3500 USD for recipient

$1500 USD for recipient's school

Global Awards Banquet Invitation 

Certificate for USA's First Place Winner

Oppotunity to publish in STEAM book




$ 500

Global Awards Banquet Invitation 

Certificate for Global Third Place Winner

Oppotunity to publish in STEAM book


International STEAM Education Competition

Global STEM High-end Competition

A competition for STEAM educators. Teach. Inspire. Innovate. Fun.

Science (computer, software, information systems, security)

Technology (robotics, artificial intelligence, Blockchain, digital tech)

Engineering (mechanical, industrial, electronic, environmental)

Art (digital design, art design)

Mathematics (advanced mathematics)

Welcoming all STEAM educators to compete.

Competing educators submit a detailed curriculum plan for a 5 Course Hour Curriculum / Lesson Plan relating to a STEAM subject. The most innovative curriculums can win $5,000 and more.

Request: Current K-12 Teachers with minimum of 1 year of full-time classroom teaching experience

2020 International STEAM Innovation Education Competition is aimed at building an international platform for educators around the world who appreciate the benefits of STEAM education.

This competition is designed to help educators to learn from each other by showcasing some of the best STEAM curriculums being used in schools throughout the world.   

Mar 20th - Dec 1st, 2020

Submissions accepted for regional competitions

Dec 1st - Dec 10th, 2020

Judging process ( Selecting TOP 40)

Dec 10th, 2020

Announce Global Finalists TOP 40

Dec, 2020



Dec, 2020




① American Region

② EU + Africa + Middle East + Indian Region 

③ Asian Region

Apply for Regional Partner


All Regional TOP 3  will be awarded with $500 at Global Final Section.
The finalists (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) will be selected from the Global Final Candidates pool.

Meet Our

Global  STEAM  Ambassadors

Makayla R.

Bahamas Ministry of Education  

"STEAM education represents the global educational demand and its students' ability to deliver, and demonstrate readiness to advance the future of "next generation" creative critical thinkers and problem solvers. Educators who embrace the synthesizing of disciplines and the gift of the Arts are leading the advancement of 21st century all-sufficient professionals and beyond. NATYEAS's mission to make cutting-edge high quality education a reality around the globe is serving as a vehicle of inspiration and call-to-action for these innovative educators. "

Dr. Sirhajwan I.

Keningau Vocational College

Head of Research & Innovation 


"STEAM is essential in nurturing our students' artistic and imaginative aspects of development that help them become creative in designing and building things that appeal to people and cater to their needs in many ways. In this era of rapidly evolving world where changes are constant, necessary and unpredictable, NAYTEA is extending the frontiers of artistic creativity, engineering prowess and scientific exploration among educators and learners by offering them platforms to express ideas and exchange feedback as well as forging paths for them to venture into interdisciplinary possibilities where they can connect everything they learn, know, imagine and feel to form new concepts and discover new paths in advancing lives in various aspects. "

Raphael G.  高升恒
STEAM Course Head
Robotics/Computer Science Teacher
Instructional Coach

Vanke Meisha Academy, China

"I was lucky to choose attend NAYTEA’s STEAM curriculum competition, as a STEAM teacher, we must keep ourselves up with times, NAYTEA provides the opportunities for STEAM teachers who come from different countries can meet and learn from each other.
I consider STEAM as a good solution to the current education problems. It can train students’ critical thinking skill, enhance students’ problem-solving skill and finally improve students’ overall quality."

Dave E.

Lecturer in Design, Digital and Technology Education, School of Education, 


"Educators who recognise the importance of student engagement and are wise to the quality of learning that can be gained from interdisciplinary approaches have been innovative in designing engaging STEAM programs.  Around the world, we are eager to celebrate the achievements of others in all aspects of life, but the NAYTEA competition takes the celebration of excellence into the educational space.  The NAYTEA competition is unique as it is a platform that both celebrates the amazing work undertaken by innovative and creative STEAM teacher developers from around the world, and provides a ‘lighthouse’ of STEAM curriculum exemplars that others can follow."

Hanna D.

  English teacher and a vice-principal

responsible for STEAM integration at Taras Shevchenko Himnazia, Kropyvnytskyi, Ukraine

"It is clear that STEAM education is a powerful tool to prepare our students for successful and sustainable future in our diverse and rapidly changing world. If you are an educator, who is passionate about STEAM and has great ideas and resources to share, take part in STEAM MASTER 2020 Global Competition. Together, as the members of NAYTEA Global Network of STEAM Educators we will be able to make a difference and help our students create a better world for all of us."


A. S.

STEM integration

Award-winning educator and author with over two decades of experience. 

Having worked with NAYTEA for a few months and engaged in some meaningful conversations, I see their vision and drive to excelling STEAM Education becoming a pioneer. Their focus on teaching and learning, workforce development, and the advancement of humanity are extraordinary. All NAYTEA needs now is the ability to expand its network and launch their initiatives. Once this happens, millions of children's lives will change and make them successful employees for their companies and a better citizen as they can make substantial contributions in their community. 

STEAMMASTER Dr. W.  Chief Scientist of Squirrel AI Learning by Yixue Group, the leading AI + adaptive education innovator at the forefront of AI revolution. Awarded MIT Technology Review "35 Innovators Under 35 China” in 2018.

"All students are different in terms of their learning paces, levels of knowledge mastery and knowledge gaps. In the traditional human-teacher-centered instructional setting, however, students’ different learning needs are hard to be fulfilled because of the undifferentiated instructions and teachers’ divided attention on each of the student. The unequal educational resource distribution is also prevalent across the globe. High-quality education is not accessible to every student due to geographical constraints, limited resources, and it is often unaffordable for many families.

NAYTEA operates with a global perspective while understanding that delivering STEAM Education to teachers and students requires attention to the individual and the ability of each individual to utilize what he or she learns for the benefit of others.  "


St. Ignatius College Preparatory Design(Thinking) Fellow

Stanford University Graduate School of Education

"STEAM education, to me, is all about marrying the arts, sciences, and humanities in a way that humanizes and heals communities, expands our hearts and minds, and imagines obstacles as opportunities. STEAM education, in practice, is not new, exclusive, or solely scientific; rather, STEAM education, at its best, happens when the scientist is allowed to be a creative writer and the poet is allowed to see the numbers as a part of rhyme and reason. If we want to teach and embrace the Whole Child, then we must look to STEAM education to break barriers, cross borders, and open doors for the future and to the future. "



Felix Malombe

Executive Director,



To bring meaning and purpose to education, STEAM Education recognizes and is guided by the 17 UN sustainable development goals and closer in Africa, the Africa Union 7 Aspirations of the Africa We Want. This way, the STEAM Education ensures that learners exit school with the skills that will make them competitive and immediately employable.

Having participated in the NAYTEA Global STEAM Curriculum Developer Competition emerging Second, I would like to continue supporting the work NAYTEA is doing in democratizing STEAM education and making it accessible to all as their vision reads; Quality Education for everyone.



Superintendent in Illinois, USA School District

"STEAM instruction is an approach to teaching which aims to encourage students to think critically and creatively, with an emphasis on inquiry and problem-solving. Among others, benefits of STEAM instruction include encouraging resilience, collaboration, adaptability,risk-taking and technology use. These skills are becoming increasingly necessary in an ever evolving world and provide students with the competency to succeed in the modern economy. NAYTEA aims to unite the most accomplished educators utilizing STEM/STEAM integration with project-based learning and other best practices in an effort to equip K-12 education with the resources needed to effectively prepare students for the 21 st century."

Global Partners 
International Judge Team