Mar 20th - Oct 2nd, 2020                                "STEAM Master 2020" Submissions accepted for regional competition


Oct 2nd - Oct 15th, 2020                                 Judging process ( Selecting Global TOP 40 )


Oct 15, 2020                                                      Announce Global Finalists TOP 40


Dec, 2020                                                          STEAM MASTER 2020  GLOBAL FINAL REWARDING

Scoring Criteria

During the submission please notice you have to list all criteria that apply to your project and briefly explain how you have integrated each of them.

5 + Course Content/lesson plan need to be design into curriculum plan, to convey your ideas well.

Scoring Criteria: Student Engagement & Fun factor/Instructional Design/Learning Goals/Ease of Implementation/Creativity & Innovation/Cross Curricular Connections;



Register & Apply

This is an online STEAM Educator Competition

Submission Path NO.1:


Send Email Tital"STEAM MASTER 2020"to

to register with info below:

1. Full Name

2. Org. Name

3. Position

4. Contact info

5. Project (PDF/word/PPT/Picture)

6. Message(Option)

7. The info of team members(Option)

8. Submit 1 DEMO lesson video About 15-30 minutes

9. Additional score: Teaching achievements: students Awarding in the competition with the submission of certificates and winning pictures;Social impact: 

Teaching achievements recognition (pictures and videos).


Submission Path NO.2: